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Louise Wilson

I’ve never blogged before. Never tweeted. Never been on Cyworld, Facebook or MySpace. I’ve never wanted to. Until now. With fifteen minutes to burn while my passport photo was being developed across the street, I ran into Russell Books. I beelined for the wine section. Pretty good. A mix of new and used. The inspiration for my new found affection for social media awaited me on the shelf. 1001 Wines You Must Taste Before You Die. OK, maybe I will. What’s this? Preface by Hugh Johnson. Good. Like him. General Editor, Neil Beckett. Brilliant. He’s also the editor of possibly the best wine periodical written to date. The World of Fine Wine. It’s worth the small fortune it costs. I tried to go in with my friends to split the cost, but we all got too possessive of these gorgeous magazines, and now have triplicate subscriptions. Back to 1001 Wines. The 44 contributors include some of my wine heroes. Andrew Jefford author of the New France. His insight on the industry is thought provoking, his style entirely appealing. Six Master of Wine contributing. These people have my upmost respect. As a mere and humble student of the program, I am boggled by how much these people understand to achieve this elusive title. Tom Stevenson. Love Tom. Love the fearless opinions. Tom’s Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia was one of my first wine books, and today remains one of my favorites. Flipping through the 1001, I recognize many great names. Famous producers I’ve read about or tried. But this list is of their top wines. Icons. Many (most) I’ve never encountered. Altogether, I figure I’ve had maybe a half dozen of the 1001. My mouth is watering and my mind is racing. Experiencing wine is not just about what’s in the glass. For me, it is where, when, and in whose company will I enjoy that wine? How did I come across the wine? Was it a gift? Did it require ManTracker-like skills to acquire? Did I earn it? Trade it? Travel to find it? And what about the story behind the wine? Who made it? Where? Why? How? For me, the stories of wine make the experience of wine. Here marks the beginning of my adventure to discover all 1001 wines I must taste before I die. Louise1001wines