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Mighty Mighty Rosé
November 21, 2010

In 2009, growth of the overall UK wine market was fuelled by rosé. In France, rosé wine now outsells white! And the Americans have been wearing the pink goggles since Sutter home invented white Zinfandel in the 70s. Now the trend is to drier, higher quality styles, with premium rosé sales in the States soaring 30% last year. I experienced the best rosé I (we) ever had with my dear friend Sharon. If you google “Louise wine study buddy” you will find a photo of my study buddy Sharon accepting an award for achieving the top marks in Canada for the Wine and Spirits Education Trust diploma program we did a couple years ago. I am so lucky to have such a smart and hardworking partner! (Sharon when you proof this blog, pleeease let me keep that part in). Our bottle, Chateau Simone Rosé 2009, was collected by Sharon on her recent trip to Provence. We are truly on a…

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