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Pommery Cuvée Louise
September 30, 2010
Desert Wine

Wine people entertain themselves by imagining which wine they would choose if they were stranded on a desert island with only one option. For me, it is Champagne. Pushed further, I would pick Pommery Cuvée Louise. Is part of my enamour the name? Possibly. Would I love Pommery Michelle as much? I doubt it. Since this is the best wine in the world, I was pleased to find it listed as one of the 1001 Wines You Must Taste Before You Die. I have tasted it once before, at Pommery in Reims, Champagne. (Have you ever tried to pronounce Reims before? It doesn’t rhyme with seems. Imagine a high brow Londoner saying France without the F. Plus, it’s more of a growl than a word. Ask me sometime, in person, and I’ll say it for you.) Anyway, the Pommery Cuvée Louise in France was stunning. The wine is the house’s prestige cuvee. Its top drawer. I remember it as overtly…

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