The Wine Lover's Coloring Book
The Wine Lover's Coloring Book

The Wine Lover's Coloring Book

More and more, people are becoming excited by the world of wine, and with that passion often comes an interest in learning just a little more about where in the world wine is made.

The inspiration for the Wine Lovers Coloring Book is to share this information in a fun and approachable format. The book includes 50 fully colored and labeled maps of wine regions around the world along with a written summary of wines produced in each area. Unlike any other book if its kind, the Wine Lovers Coloring Book also includes blank maps for the reader to test their knowledge by coloring from memory.

The book contains enough information for a sommelier to pass their exams, but its unique and lighthearted nature makes it equally appealing to the casual wine drinker and the perfect gift for the wine lover who has everything.

What People Are Saying

"As a teacher and wine lover, I recommend this book to all my students. I always say there’s no better way to understand wine regions than having a map close by and this book helps a lot. You can colour the maps and add all the information you need to memorize quickly."

Kler-Yann Bouteiller
Sommelier / Educator

“I highly recommend this book for any wine lover.”

Emily Pearce
Sommelier /
Decanter Online

“One of the best ways to learn where your favorite wine regions really are. Perfect for students of wine, or perhaps people taking wine too seriously.”

Tom Firth
Drinks Editor Culinaire Magazine
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South America
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South Australia
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